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Improve your Resistance Through Yoga Postures

Yoga is unique form of exercise which can create mental as well as the physical benefits by practicing different techniques. This became a world famous form of exercise and is considered as a boon to the society since it is curing many disorders in a natural way. One more unique thing is of yoga is… Read More »

Versatile Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a perfect fitness program from which we can reap most of the benefits. It helps in the overall development and the well being of the body. Regular practice of yoga keeps a person physically as well as mentally fit. There are multiple benefits which every one can expect from yoga. Let us have a look on them.

Yoga Works to Integrate Body with Mind and Soul

A person can get success only when he integrates his body with his mind and soul. The integration of these three can make person more stronger both mentally and physically. You know that body, mind and soul all work together making up your identity. The integration of the three- physical, mental, and emotional powers can… Read More »

Want to Know about Yoga?

Yoga is the term that refers to the practice of physical postures or poses. It also refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines which originated in India. Yoga is taught by professionals. Yoga teacher training is given by various institutions. However, a yoga certification is required for teaching yoga to individuals. Yoga has been associated… Read More »

Know About Basic Asanas Of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient way of health practices and it gives physical as well as mental fitness. The basic Asanas (postures) of yoga motivate beginners to cleanse the internal system and harmonize the body. Following are the basic types of yoga, which are quite useful for beginners: Surya Namaskar This is a basic pose of… Read More »