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Tips to Prevent Wedding Day Mishaps

Wedding day is an important day in your life. People want everything to be perfect. So many people think of what will happen if (s)he falls off the aisle, cake will fall on the ground, some unknown things happen with their wedding gowns etc. and becomes stressed. While you may not be able to ensure… Read More »

Tips for Selecting a Caterer for Wedding

The catering team is important on special occasions like wedding which brings a huge number of people together on that particular day. You must ensure that the caterers meet your specifications in order to make visitors enjoy taste and quality of the food. Catering services includes the cost of food, beverages, kitchen staff, wait staff… Read More »

Various Types of Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

As the wedding couples are the center of attraction on the day of wedding, they take much care about their appearance. They become more specific about their dress and the make up. As bride grooms dressing is limited, they have not much to experiment with their looks. But coming to the brides, they have numerous… Read More »

Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas to Attract Your Guests

One of the important pre-wedding tasks is to plan and prepare wedding invitations. Choosing a wedding invitation based on the wedding theme is necessary to impress your guests. Seasonal themes added to wedding invitations, favors and décor upgrades the appeal of a wedding event. Here are some fall wedding invitation ideas to add up charm… Read More »