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DNS and its Working Procedure

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Generally domain names are in alphabet format but that cannot be read by a machine. The DNS converts the domain names into machine readable IP addresses. DNS automatically converts the domain names that we enter in the browser into IP addresses. Importance of domain name system Domain name system… Read More »

Ways to fix 404 Errors

404 is the common problem seen in many websites. This problem is occurs as the result of some small or complicated errors. Website owners are worried of this issue, because this may affect the website performance some times. So, to help those websites which are facing this problem, we came-up with some solutions through this… Read More »

How to Evaluate Your Business Website’s Performance?

Optimal performance of a business’ website is very important. It is the website that allows you to interact with your customers and prospects. Imagine a situation when your website is down, and your customers cannot access your website. During such situation you are likely to loss customers. According to Kissmetrics.com, 79% of shoppers dissatisfied with… Read More »

Factors Responsible for Website’s Downtime

Each minute of downtime equates to loss of revenue for the business. Sometimes, prolong downtime becomes a nightmare for the business owners. As it affects the organization’s reputation, loss of sales, loss of customers and credibility. And another scary thing about site’s downtime is loss of search engine ranking. In your organization, the IT department… Read More »

Know How to Improve Your Website Ranking

Website rankings are based on the back links. Thus the more links you have, the higher ranking will your website have. Therefore, submit your site to search engine directories, because this is an easy way to improve your chances of being listed higher by search engines. For improving your website ranking you have to maintain… Read More »

Server Health Monitoring to Optimize Up-Time

Server health monitoring is concerned with testing a server reaction to the operating load placed upon it. The purpose of this monitoring is to prevent the server failures by ensuring that the server always carries sufficient capacity to conduct the required tasks. Using the server’s physical components- CPU load, memory usage etc. and the server’s… Read More »

What Can Be Checked by Using Website Monitoring

Website monitoring service can check various types of protocol such as HTTP pages, HTTPS, FTP, SMTPPOP3, IMAP, SSH,TELNET, SSL,TCP,PING, SSL Certificate Expiry, Domain Name Expiry and a range of other ports for every minute in a duration of four hours. Generally, most of the website monitoring services check your server between once-per hour to once-per-minute.… Read More »