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The Positives and Negatives of Highly Sensitive People

Sensitiveness in a person has positive as well as negative significance. In a positive way, being sensitive means a person who is caring, understanding, considerate and mindful of others. In a negative way, being sensitive means person has a tendency to take things too personally and overreact emotionally which can lead to distress. In this… Read More »

Different Methods Of Meditation

The meditation is an ancient subject. The process of meditation is followed by many different people in different styles. So, many people are confused about which meditation is suitable of their character and personality. If closely observed all meditation styles have same/common features. The most important methods are 1.Sitting Method This method was preached by… Read More »

Mental Fitness Cures Problems Related to Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the problems in controlling human emotions. Now, many people are facing this problem. Anxiety can cause some health problems like increased blood pressure, mental stress and can also cause heart attack and brain diseases. Not only adults, children are also susceptible to anxiety these days. In order to get rid of… Read More »

Humor and Human Nature

You laugh at comedy or humorous scenes when you see them in TV shows, movies, comics, etc. There are number of situations that can cause laugh in a human being but the reason behind all of them is very common. Remember your last episode of Mr. Bean you saw on TV. It is obvious that… Read More »

Is IQ A Heritable Property?

IQ is almost like a super power. When you use it in the right way, it will make you world’s famous person. But many of you can’t understand on how your fellow person has more IQ than you. There is a lot of difference between IQ and intelligence, though there is a little connection between… Read More »