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Importance of Ad Server

If you are a publisher it may be difficult for you to manage all the ads for your advertisers because it is a time consuming process. Not only is it time consuming but also to manage all the reports is a complicated thing. Ad servers are the best solution for this problem. If you choose… Read More »

Types of Ad Targeting

Internet ads are different from print ads. Print ads are visually attractive, enrich the reading experience, and even sometimes smell nice. However, these are not as efficient as internet ads in targeting. A survey conducted on behalf of the Digital Advertising Alliance found some interesting about online ads. Only 16% of the respondents said that… Read More »

All You Need to Know About Pay Per Impression

Pay Per Impression is also called ‘cost per thousand impression’ (CPM – the letter “M” in the abbreviation is the Roman numeral for one thousand). It is one of the cost effective online marketing campaign, where you need to pay for the number of times your ad is viewed by the customers while viewing other websites, regardless whether the customer has clicked the ad or not.

eWin Marketing Focuses to Help Small Businesses Leverage Internet for Marketing

Released by: eWin Marketing eWin Marketing is a specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company focusing on small & emerging businesses looking for quality SEO services at affordable prices. eWin Marketing has been established by experienced SEO people with each key person having an experience of helping at least 300 websites get first page rankings on… Read More »