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Colorful Dinner Napkins for Restaurants

Napkins made of either paper or any fabric are used for wiping and cleaning the face, hands, utensils of kitchen, mobbing the floor etc. However in many restaurants, many types of napkins are used for different purposes. For example, cloth napkins are used for preparing food as well as for drying some of the vegetables… Read More »

Mattress Used in The Hotels and Their Types

A mattress is a pad that can be placed on top of the bed to sleep. Traditional mattresses were filled with materials like straw and feathers but the present manufacturers of the mattresses are filling them with materials such as latex, viscoelastic, or other polyurethane foams, air or water and natural fibers. The mattresses can… Read More »

Types of Pillows Used in the Hotels

Pillows are soft cushion like structures mainly used for comfort and sometimes they are used for preventing or minimizing pain in an injured area. In hotels, they are used to provide comfort for the guests and also used for decorating a hotel room. There are a wide range of pillows available in different shapes, sizes… Read More »

Types of Cushion Covers to Decorate Hotel Rooms

A cushion cover is an encasement that protects the cushion which is inserted in to the cover. A cushion cover normally includes a zippered opening at one end, with which the cushion can be inserted in to the cover easily. The cushion covers are available in different colors, designs and patterns. Cushion covers can be… Read More »

Types of Towels Used in Hotels

A Towel, as we all know, is a piece of cloth made up of absorbent fabric used to absorb the moisture from the body. It’s an essential type of clothing which is provided by most hotels. There are different types of towels available in the market and many hotels provide most of them to serve… Read More »

Different Types of Bed Sheets Used in Hotels

Cloth Sheets in a hotel are used to cover the mattress and it is very important for the hotel management to provide better quality bed sheets to the customers which offer luxury, warmth, softness and durability. Bed sheets can be made from different materials such as cotton, polyester, flannel and silk. There are different types… Read More »

Types of Curtains Used in Hotels

In earlier days, curtains were used to block the sunlight entering home and also to provide privacy from the neighbors, but today they are used as decorative items. These have become a major part of furnishings not only at homes but also in hotels. These add a different feel to the hotel environment. The hotel… Read More »