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How Polluted Drinking Water Effects Your Body

Water pollution is the contamination of water by the pollutants that enter water system from industries or other systems. Water pollution causes serious health diseases and some times leads to death. Here are some effects of polluted water on humans. Water borne diseases Drinking polluted water causes water borne diseases such as: Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Giardiasis,… Read More »

How Good Books Improve Health?

Books are best friends for many of us. We generally think books are useful to get information and we see them only in that point of view. But do you know that books impact health?Confused about it? Here are benefits of reading books to stay healthy. Motivates – Motivation is very important for everyone to… Read More »

Get to Know Staging of Oral Cancer

Staging of oral cancer is the process of measuring the tumor – how big it is and determining the extent of spread of the tumor. Staging helps the dentist choose the most suitable treatment for oral cancer. We’ll discuss here staging of oral cancer briefly. Staging of oral cancer There are three main types of… Read More »

How Essential Are Micronutrients So Called?

Why are micronutrients so called? How many types of nutrients we have? In this article, we will discuss micronutrients briefly. Nutrients based on their requirements are of two types namely micro and macro nutrients. You need macronutrients in large amounts whereas micronutrients in small amounts.

Functions and Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which cannot be stored in the body unlike fat soluble vitamins. After taking it in our daily diet, the left out is excreted in the form of urine. So, it is very essential to take vitamin C in our daily diet to remain healthy.

How does Green Tea Benefit Your Health?

Since ancient times, Chinese people have been using green tea to treat every thing from headaches to depression because they know medicinal benefits of green tea. Researchers of some University recently concluded that a compound in green tea prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Why is Exercise Needed for Physical Fitness?

Exercise plays critical part for keeping healthy, feeling better and living longer. Every individual needs regular exercise. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight along with preventing diseases like – diabetes, cancer and heart problems. People of all ages need exercise. Especially, teenage and adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity… Read More »