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Parents Role in Teaching Their Kids Self-defense Tactics

Teach your kids to identify strangers At first you should teach them about the situation that most of the kids are facing from the strangers and educate them. Make them know the signs and symptoms for recognizing the strangers, tell them various simple ways to identify the strangers around them and ask them to be… Read More »

Why is Exercise Needed for Physical Fitness?

Exercise plays critical part for keeping healthy, feeling better and living longer. Every individual needs regular exercise. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight along with preventing diseases like – diabetes, cancer and heart problems. People of all ages need exercise. Especially, teenage and adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity… Read More »

Know About Good and Bad Fats for Health

A diet to be balanced should include certain fats in it to lower the risk of diseases. Fat is used to generate energy in the body and also it is used to build nerve tissue and hormones and to control inflammation. Fat contains 9 calories per gram which is almost twice the calories present in… Read More »

Cholesterol – Types, Facts and Effects

Cholesterol is made from liver in the body. It is one type of lipid or fat present in membrane of cells in the body. It is carried in the blood by one type of molecules called as lipoproteins. The high level cholesterol causes atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease (CAD). What is cholesterol? It is a… Read More »

Want to Know about Yoga?

Yoga is the term that refers to the practice of physical postures or poses. It also refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines which originated in India. Yoga is taught by professionals. Yoga teacher training is given by various institutions. However, a yoga certification is required for teaching yoga to individuals. Yoga has been associated… Read More »

Obesity in US

A local newspaper published an article on obesity yesterday. It gave some shocking facts about the state of obesity in the country. On browsing the Internet, I got additional information on obesity in US. After reading all the information that was there I thought obesity is the biggest threat that the nation is facing now… Read More »