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Learn How to Select Your Best Investment Option

Before investing your money you need to consider things like safety, growth, income, liquidity and tax advantage. You can eliminate investment options which are not appropriate or not best suited for you. Let us take an example of how to eliminate the investment options. You are planning for retirement after 10 years and you would… Read More »

Living Smartly Adds a New Section to Simplify the Confusing Area of Personal Financial Planning

Hyderabad, India – Living Smartly, a website dedicated to provide smart living tips to hardworking middleclass people, recently announced that it added a new section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’. Are you struggling to make right financial choices to save money? Do complex financial concepts and policies eat your brain? Then check this section called… Read More »

Can I Save Money By Shopping Once in a Month?

Everyone wishes to save money from their expenditure or wish to spend less money on their budgets. While shopping in a grocery or a clothing store you may spend money buying unnecessary things. You can therefore shop once in a month by making a list of needed items. Once the list is prepared, you can… Read More »

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

Many couples want to reduce the costs on wedding. Hiring a wedding venue can be major expenditure in the wedding costs. There are few tips to save the money by reducing the cost on your wedding venue, such as: Set the marriage in low season: At the time of the peak wedding months, the cost… Read More »

Census Report on Fashion and Sports Watches 2009

Day by day fashion changes. Today’ s fashion will be old by tomorrow, so, if fashion changes, the sales of old trended items reduces. Fifty percent is the approximate value of sales came from $50 to $350 price range, average unit sale is $100 for this price range. Women age 35 to 65 bought more… Read More »

Know About IRA Account Vs Keogh Account

Individual Retirement Account is one type of personal saving account which permit you to save the money for retirement and there are tax advantages also. A Keogh is more complex and a type of retirement account for self employed business owners, partners, and their employees in a company. Contributions: Individuals make IRA contributions into their… Read More »

Why bother about Investing?

Putting your money to work for you is called as investing. There are several ways to invest you money such as bonds, stocks, mutual-funds, starting your own business, real estate. These are called as investment vehicles. So each investment vehicle has positives and negatives, however goal is to earn additional profits. What is not Investing:… Read More »