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Necessity of Drug Testing at Workplace

Drug testing programs gained popularity in wide-range of industries to ensure drug-free work environment. There are many reasons why employers screen their employees for illegal drug use. But at the bottom line is to make sure of health, safety and productivity of the employees and the organization. In this article, we discuss the necessity of drug testing at workplace.

Yoga – A Natural Way to reduce Your Belly Fat

Many people think that yoga is not a proper remedy for reduction of belly fat. But it is a wrong belief. The physical postures involved in yoga not only increase the pressure on the muscles, but also relieve us from mental tensions. Hence, the improvement in the spiritual and the emotional balance effectively helps in… Read More »

How Does Employee Drug Testing Ensure Safety?

A drug-free workplace program is arranged by most of the organizations today in order to ensure safety. Employee drug testing helps to identify employees abusing illicit drugs and alcohol. Let’s know how the drug testing ensures safety. Drug abusing individuals suffer from various physical and mental health issues. They are associated with lack of memory,… Read More »

Marijuana is Dangerous to Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Marijuana abuse is the major problem which is threatening the society all over the world. Most commonly it is seen in teens and young adults. Number of research works are going on the negative effects of marijuana abuse. A latest study published in the Medical Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found that any… Read More »

Drugteststrips Offers High Quality Drug Test Kits Chosen By Experienced Pharmacists

Greenville, South Carolina (Sep 05, 2011) – Drugteststrips.com, a professionally managed online drug test kits provider, is offering a wide range of quality testing solutions chosen by professional judgment of experienced pharmacists. With the increased demand of the drug testing kits, many shady retailers have evolved in the market to cash-in the opportunity by selling… Read More »

Marijuana Suppresses the Body Immune System

Growing use of marijuana is also increasing the negative effects of the drug. Many number of studies found numerous adverse effects of the drug. But, still the use continues and despite of the harmful effects the number of the people using this illicit drug are increasing frequently. A new study from the University of California,… Read More »

Importance of Conducting Drug Test at Home

Everyone of us know that illegal drug abuse is not good for health. Still there are many people who are addicted to those drugs damaging their own health. Drug abuse not only poses problems to the abuser itself but also to other family members. So it is mandatory to conduct drug tests for such people… Read More »

Know About Marijuana Blood Test

Marijuana drug test is conducted at workplaces, home, schools, and other organizations. Various types of marijuana drug test can be administered including urine test, blood test, saliva test, and hair test. Each one has its own advantages. Let us know something about marijuana blood test. A trained health professional is required to take blood sample… Read More »

What is the Importance of Drug Test Cut-Off Levels?

Drug testing involves the process of testing an individual for the presence of a drug or its metabolites in the sample collected. For example, marijuana drug testing checks for the presence of THC and its metabolites. Drug testing not just involves finding the drug but also includes the establishment of drug concentration above a certain… Read More »