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Toothache – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Toothache is the pain felt in or around the teeth. Toothache is a factor that makes people finally visit the dentist. It can be constant or may occur periodically depending on the cause. Usually, it begins suddenly and can vary from mild to severe pain. Toothache should never be ignored. If the toothache is caused… Read More »

Restoration with Dental Inlays and Onlays

If you want to restore your damaged tooth where the damage is not much to place crowns, dental inlays and on lays are the right choice to fill cavities. Most dentists prefer this technique where a healthy tooth is repaired without removing. Before going for dental inlays and outlays, you should know the difference between… Read More »

Oral Thrush – Causes and Symptoms

Oral thrush is seen in infants and adults. Oral thrush is caused by fungus called candida albicans. Oral thrush is a candida fungus that grows as white color patches on the mouth. It not only affects mouth but also extends to throat, esophagus and stomach. Causes of oral thrush: Suppression of immune system due to… Read More »

Importance of Saliva in Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Saliva is important for maintaining oral hygiene. It is a vital source of protection and defense in the mouth. Saliva provides first line of defense is against mechanical, chemical and infectious attacks. It is the best substance we use as a weapon to fight tooth decay, because it is produced by the glands surrounding the oral cavity

Dry Mouth and Senior Dental Health

Maintenance of dental hygiene is very essential for elderly people, as many simple factors affect their dental health. One of the common issues seen in the elderly is dry mouth. A dry mouth is a condition with decreased amount of saliva in the mouth. People suffering from dry mouth often show certain symptoms like thirst,… Read More »

Importance of Gum Shields for Sports Players

Sports players often face injuries during game and use different kinds of shield to protect themselves from them. A gum shield is the prominent protective device used by them for assuring jaw protection. It helps in preventing the breaking and knocking out of the teeth. It even keeps a person from biting down on the… Read More »

How to Find Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors?

Senior people are more prone to dental diseases due to various reasons. A regular dental check up is, therefore, necessary. However, many people neglect the check up and even treatment of dental issues because of the associated higher costs. But, dental insurance is found to help such people. It assures basic dental care on a… Read More »