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Dental Problems Caused by Alcohol

Alcohol is consumed by millions of people around the world which not only causes physical problems but also effects the dental health negatively. Want to know more about the effects of alcohol on your teeth? Then, go ahead reading further this article. Alcohol when consumed in moderately is associated with some health benefits such as… Read More »

Health Problems Associated with Gum Diseases

Gum problems not only affects oral cavity, but also increases the risk and severity of other health problems. The reason for this is inflammation. Inflammation increases the risk of other health problems. Therefore treating inflammation can decreases the risk of health problems. The health problems associated with gum diseases are: Atherosclerosis and heart diseases Atherosclerosis… Read More »

Get to Know Staging of Oral Cancer

Staging of oral cancer is the process of measuring the tumor – how big it is and determining the extent of spread of the tumor. Staging helps the dentist choose the most suitable treatment for oral cancer. We’ll discuss here staging of oral cancer briefly. Staging of oral cancer There are three main types of… Read More »

Dental Implants and their Benefits

Dental implants are a class of devices that replace natural teeth. They also enhance cosmetic health. They are an effective remedy for missing teeth. We discuss in this article the multiple benefits of dental implants. What is a dental implant? Dental implants are devices which are placed when a tooth or multiple teeth are missing… Read More »

Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

The joint located exactly in front of the ear joining the jaw bone (mandible) to the skull is the temporo mandibular jaw joint. Problems affecting this jaw joint are likewise, known as TMJ disorder. It is not a serious condition, but the symptoms can negatively impact the quality of life of the individual. Many people… Read More »

Steps Involved in Dental Implantation

Dental implant is a best choice for people who are having missing or damaged teeth. Unlike traditional methods, dental implants are very comfortable and does not require any maintenance. Dental implants are designed in such a way that it resembles the natural teeth. Dental implant is a process and there are certain steps that have… Read More »

Dental Issues in Adults

Dental issues happen because of bad oral hygiene. These issues can be prevented by brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Dental problems associated in adults include tooth decay, gum disease, sensitivity, oral cancer, bad breath, mouth sores and tooth erosion. We’ll discuss them each briefly. 1. Tooth decay Tooth decay is a… Read More »