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When Do You Need to Replace Your Car’s Brakes

In simple terms the answer will be not very often. However, the brake pads and brake rotors wear away with time. But, to answer how frequently you need to replace them you have to take into consideration two major factors- your driving pattern and the brake materials. Therefore, the answer is not that straight forward.… Read More »

Common Reasons Behind Poor Fuel Economy

Worried about your vehicles poor fuel economy? Would you like to know the reasons behind it, and improve the fuel efficiency? Then, go through this article. Following are the few common reasons that causes the poor fuel economy of your vehicle. Fuel and vacuum leaks Fuel and vacuum leaks can burn out your gas and… Read More »

Few Road Safety Tips to Follow

Driving safely by following certain rules are necessary when one owns a vehicle. In this article few road safety tips are mentioned which helps while driving a car. Better to drive bare foot or have the spare shoes: It is legal and even road safety experts recommend to drive bare foot because driving with heels… Read More »

Unnoticed Critical Safety Issues in Vehicles

People generally do not pay attention to minor issues. In the same way, when it comes to vehicles, there are a few unnoticed safety issues that are to be taken care of. Otherwise, it may lead to big problems, later. So, let us discuss to make you aware of a few critical safety issues which… Read More »

Working of Drum Brakes in a Vehicle

Drum brakes are friction type braking system. These are mostly found in older vehicles. Drum brake is also called block type brakes. Drum brakes consists of a set of shoes or pads that create friction against a drum. These drums are connected to the rotating wheels. In this article let us discuss about the working… Read More »

Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors are one of the important components of a car engine. As the name suggests, the fuel injects the fuel into the combustion chamber. When fuel injector fails to perform its function, it can cause problems, which can affect the performance of the engine. In this article, we are going to discuss some of… Read More »

How Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverages Work

If you own a car, you already know how important is car insurance. You may have heard the words deductible or premium. But, do you truly understand the different parts of an auto insurance policy and do you know how to choose the best coverage. Before purchasing a car insurance package, you need to consider… Read More »