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Accelerate the Supply Chain Process with Automation

The communication among manufacturers, vendors and customer is essential for the business to function. The communication speed and efficiency is very important in supply chain process. The new technology based software programs and internet facilities are now breaking down the communication barriers present in the business. Automation is an encouraging trend in the supply chain… Read More »

Production Automation Systems

Automation in production processes is common now a days. Small production and high production companies are largely using automation in their production processes. The cost levels that has to be paid for any automation system can be done in very short period. With the use of automation even the smaller manufacturers are getting the profits… Read More »

Need to Know About Portable Barcode Printer?

Barcodes are nothing but information carrying graphical patterns which are designed for easy and automatic retrieval. Various symbologies of barcodes are created and printed on barcode labels by a barcode printer. Zebra printers, WASP printers and so on can be used for printing barcode labels. Barcodes can be printed on the labels or directly on… Read More »

What are the Uses of Barcode Labels

Barcode is a machine readable language. Barcode can be printed on the label, so this is called as the barcode label. Barcode is printed by barcode printer. And the information present in the barcode is read by barcode scanner. Some times companies need to purchase the printer to print the barcodes. So Zebra printers are… Read More »

What are the Benefits of a LED Barcode Scanner

LED barcode scanners are scanners which work on different technology which is not used in laser scanners. A series of small light sensors are installed in a row in these LED barcode scanners. Sensors measure and trap the light, which is reflected from the barcode labels. Barcode labels are labels on which barcodes are printed.… Read More »