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Common Reasons Behind Poor Fuel Economy

Worried about your vehicles poor fuel economy? Would you like to know the reasons behind it, and improve the fuel efficiency? Then, go through this article. Following are the few common reasons that causes the poor fuel economy of your vehicle. Fuel and vacuum leaks Fuel and vacuum leaks can burn out your gas and… Read More »

Diesel vs Petrol Vehicles

Diesel and petrol or gasoline are traditional fuels and the most commonly used in automobiles. These fuels are widely used because of the power they can give, mileage, availability, etc. So while buying an automobile most people consider the fuel type they have to choose, typically between diesel and petrol. Lets see the difference between diesel cars an petrol cars.

Government To Adopt Cost Cutting

Entire America is into cost cutting these days. We see how people have reduced their expenditures, significantly in order to comply with the economy crisis. Then many big and small businesses have joined these cutbacks. Did we leave anybody out there? Oh, yeah! The government. We have recent news that Obama has ordered his cabinet… Read More »

Home Sales Still Worse In March

Though there is a significance decline in home prices, the home sales are still not showing positive numbers. There is no supporting customer demand or consumer confidence, to the lower home prices. Thus, it is still not possible for the housing sector to recover from the recession. However, there were some places in US, which… Read More »