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Common Benefits of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Technically speaking, LED is a p-n junction diode which emits light when sufficient voltage is supplied to its ends. Diode is a semi conducting device which allows the energy in one direction. In case of LEDs, it not only allows the electrical energy to flow in uni direction but also converts the electrical energy into… Read More »

Mobile Friendly Websites

It was in the year 2014 that mobile overtook desktop by becoming more preferred device for internet usage. With the Google launching ‘Mobilegeddon’, the necessity to go mobile friendly has increased for websites. Today, businesses are making efforts to make their webpages mobile friendly so that they are not negatively impacted in Google search rankings.… Read More »

SEO Checklist that Cannot be Ignored While Designing Websites

For a web designer, understanding the concepts of SEO could be hard because it requires the proper mindset along with skill, to benefit the client with better marketing strategy. Aesthetics such as making the site look good with colors and animation just enhances the website’s visual aspect but will not make the site appear in… Read More »

Working of Drum Brakes in a Vehicle

Drum brakes are friction type braking system. These are mostly found in older vehicles. Drum brake is also called block type brakes. Drum brakes consists of a set of shoes or pads that create friction against a drum. These drums are connected to the rotating wheels. In this article let us discuss about the working… Read More »

Uses of Laboratory Equipments

Laboratory equipment are instruments used to perform medical tests of blood and urine. It helps to diagnose the condition of the patient. Medical laboratory equipments include petri dishes for growth of cultures, beakers, glass tubes, glass slides, cover slips, syringes and gloves. Other laboratory equipments include: Hematology Analyzer Ultra centrifuge Electrophorosis Colorimeter Radio Immuno Assay… Read More »

Chronology of Evolution of PCB

An overview Though the PCB started in a very crude form, the technology has improved over the years and the present practices are much mare advanced and effective than the primitive ones. The change has been a gradual one and the approaches have been modified gradually over the years to its present form. This article… Read More »