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SEO Checklist that Cannot be Ignored While Designing Websites

For a web designer, understanding the concepts of SEO could be hard because it requires the proper mindset along with skill, to benefit the client with better marketing strategy. Aesthetics such as making the site look good with colors and animation just enhances the website’s visual aspect but will not make the site appear in… Read More »

Distinguishing production and development environments

Generally we hear the terms development and production in large application systems where there will be separation based on the knowledge that people are working on as different teams. The term “Production” is commonly described as the environment where the actual application deployment takes place and “Development” is the local environment where the development team… Read More »

Learning a foreign language

To comprehend a foreign language is an incredibly outstanding experience and a real confidence booster. Language is important to communicate broadly, socialize with people and improve the employability. No one can learn a foreign language without feeling stupid at some point. It is important to get over that feeling in order to successfully learn. People… Read More »

All you Need to Know about Root Canal

Root canal is a dental procedure that is used to treat and save a severely infected or decayed tooth. During the treatment dentists remove the infected nerve and pulp, clean the tooth cavity and seal it with filling material. If the decayed tooth is not treated in-time, the tissue surrounding the tooth become infected and… Read More »