Why You Need Mobile App and How to Make It Effective

By | February 24, 2018

In the past few years, mobile usage has increased dramatically. We now use mobile to communicate, shop, socialize, read, watch….in short almost to do everything. It is a lucrative platform for the marketers to connect with the audience. Businesses are, therefore, investing in their own mobile app. Does your business also need a mobile app?

A report published in comScore in 2015, showed the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop users in 2014. By 2020, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 6.1 billion worldwide. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the usage of mobile apps has also witnessed tremendous increase. In fact, they have become the key way through which the retailers can connect with their customers. In such a scenario, if you still do not have an app, your business is at risk.

Apps offer a unique way to engage customers – this is true. But, before you jump to design your own app, think why anyone will download your app from thousand others in the app store. To gain a place on consumers’ home screen, your app must make their life better in some way. Here are few tips that you must focus on:

Provide Value to Customers

Well, this is most important. Through an app, you can let your buyers know about your products, deals, locate a nearby store and even place orders even without visiting you. Apps can also help the users to solve a problem or keep them entertained.

Kraft’s iFood Assistant App offers many simple and delicious food recipes that include their products. They offer an in-built shopping list that the users can alter as per their choice.

Starbucks received around four million mobile payments per week way back in 2013. Almost 8 million customers are using their mobile app to pay. The secret to this enormous success is that the app has simplified the life of the customers. They can order and pay for their favorite drinks and food on the go. They do not have to stand in a queue in the store.

Nike mobile app is also popular among the users who are trying to stay fit. The app’s core function is to track pace, distance and GPS route of the runner.

Another renowned brand Oreo designed a game to get the attention of the mobile users. Their Slam Dunk King game enables users to twist, lick and dunk Oreo cookies in milk. This is an innovative idea where real world cookie ritual becomes assimilated into the gaming world.

Make Your App Easier to Find

Even if you have managed to come up with a great app, it can remain undiscoverable to the users. If you already have a website, promote your app there. Use all your existing channels like the Twitter account, Facebook page and E-mail lists to aware the audience about your app. Proactively improve your APP Store Optimization that will let the customers discover your app easily in the store.

Address Your App’s Customers

Most of the companies invest in mobile app and yet forget to connect with people who download the app. Today, people expect much from a company. To successfully drive in traffic through your app and to retain them you need to make each customer feel special. Listen to your customers’ feedbacks. Try to grow positive ratings and reviews.

If designed carefully keeping users’ need in mind, the mobile app can offer global reach, effective communication channel and competitive edge.

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