How Industrial Ventilation System Prevents Hazardous Diseases in Different Industries

By | November 16, 2015

People working inside different industries are exposed to different kinds of environmental conditions and so having a ventilation system provides a good protection for different situations. With the knowledge of different types of contaminants that are exposed in the industry it is advisable to take proper protection against them.Centrifugal Fan

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • In pharmaceutical industry people are exposed to number of chemical substances which cause serious health issue to them if they are not provided with proper ventilation.
  • It also maintains a good oxygen levels inside the environment which is a necessary condition when dealing with chemicals.
  • If proper ventilation system is not provided in this industry, the outcome yield will be of poor quality.
  • In pharmaceutical industry ventilation system influences layouts such as airlock positions, doorways and lobbies.
  • Temperature and relative humidity should not adversely affect the quality of product, during the manufacturing, storage or any inaccurate functioning of the equipment.

Cement Industry

  • In cement industry most of the air is contaminated due to dust particles which are produced while manufacturing cement.
  • They contain composites which can cause respiratory problems to the humans if inhaled for a longer time.
  • The other things that contaminate the air in cement industry are chemicals which are very less in number but are added while manufacturing cement such as gypsum, calcium Centrifugal Fanoxide, aluminum silicates.
  • In cement industry there is generation of high temperature inside the kiln which requires the supply of adequate cooling effect especially to the people working near it.
  • So, in cement industry ventilation system does two activities, removal of dust particles in the air and removal of heat in the work place.

Iron and Steel Industry

  • Iron and steel industry involves lot of machining and heating process through which small particles of metal pieces and hot fumes go into the air.
  • When industry involves mechanical manufacturing systems such as casting, welding etc, it causes lot of heat and fumes while melting the metal which in turn generates respiration problems to humans.
  • There is a need to dissipate the produced heat in the iron and steel industry in order to maintain adequate working temperature inside the working environment.

Glass Manufacturing Industry

  • In glass manufacturing industry heat is the main source of shaping the glass.
  • So, this involves lot of heating which helps to form fumes in working area which are to be properly discharged outside the working environment.Centrifugal Fan
  • The ventilation system also provides cooling effect in the working environment of a glass manufacturing industry.

Chip Manufacturing Industry

  • In this industry small particles of the silicon alloy or any trace element like lead are discharged into the air while making of circuit boards.
  • If the lead particles are not properly disposed, it can cause cancer if exposed for a longer time.

Industry with a good ventilation system will have healthy workers which in return is a positive sign for industrial growth.

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