Dental Problems Caused by Alcohol

By | April 16, 2015

Alcohol is consumed by millions of people around the world which not only causes physical problems but also effects the dental health negatively. Want to know more about the effects of alcohol on your teeth? Then, go ahead reading further this article.

Alcohol when consumed in moderately is associated with some health benefits such as reducing heart diseases and heart attacks, minimizes the risk of stroke , lowers the risk of diabetes and also reduces the changes for getting gall stones. Taking too much alcohol quickly destroys oral health and well being of the people.

Dental problems caused by alcohol consumption
Following are few dental problems caused by consuming alcohol in large amounts

Tooth erosion

  • Tooth erosion is caused by the chemicals which are usually present in acidic drinks and foods.
  • Acidic drinks has low pH levels which lowers down the pH levels in the mouth and alcohol is one of them for altering the PH levels in mouth.
  • Tooth erosion caused to tooth enamel is not that dangerous as it only makes the person feel uncomfortable due to sensitivity of tooth, cupping and tooth discoloration.

Mouth cancer

  • Oral cancer foundation reported that every four hours in a day one person dies due to mouth cancer.
  • Alcohol is considered the main causes for mouth cancer. Consumption of alcohol in excessive amount increases the production of squamous cell carcinoma (type of cancer) of the oral region.
  • These carcinoma cells are responsible for almost 90 % of all the mouth cancers caused and the alcohol consumed irritates the mucus lining of the mouth leading to cancerous growth of the cells.

Dry mouth

  • Consumption of alcohol dehydrates the person making it an option for destroying thirst.
  • Lack of water in the body increases the chance of an individual to develop dry mouth.
  • Dry mouth is associated with less saliva production which is the natural defense present Washing away the harmful dental plaque.
  • Dental plaque is the initial thing which leads to other dental problems like dental cavities, dental decay and periodontal disease.

Alcoholics should pay attention to floss and brush their teeth frequently to fight against the problems raised by alcohol consumption. drinking clean and fresh water along with eating nutritious food minimizes the negative effects of alcohol to your oral health

No matter why alcohol is consumed, people should ensure that effects caused by consuming it heavily can be backed up by following good oral hygiene habits.

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