Things to Consider When Choosing Granite Countertops

By | April 16, 2015

Usage of granite in countertops has become popular since many years because of its elegance and durability. It is a good choice for your kitchen countertop. But before purchasing the countertop, you need to look for some qualities and this makes it a perfect selection for your countertops. Some points that you need to consider before purchasing this granite countertops are as follows.

Choosing tile or slab
For your countertop you can use either the tile or the slab. Each one has their own advantages. But, choosing depends on the requirements of the kitchen. Tiles are left-out pieces of the granite stone. These are less expensive when compared to the slab as they are usually thin when compared to the slab. But, the major dis-advantage with tiles is, they are thin and required more in quantity. Whereas, slab is a single piece which is curved as a large block and is strong enough. For, the kitchens which need strong countertops, you can choose granite slab instead of tiles.

Colors of the countertops
Granite is known for its natural color palatte and gives a pebbled look. The color of the granite stone depends on where it is quarried. They come in golden brown, black, vivid red etc. Some colors of the granite are more expensive and some are less expensive and it depends on the availability of the stone. Before you select the granite countertops to your kitchen, you should check the theme of your home and also see to it that they match the color of your cabinets also.

Finishing of the countertops is also one of the important aspect that you need to consider because the countertops come in various finishes some are polished (smooth), some are rough. Some finishes give warm look or appearance and some cool look. So, depending on the look of your home and your taste, you can choose the finishing of the countertop.

Sealant is also one of the factors that help your countertops become more durable. It protects your countertops surface from the scratches, strains. But all countertops don’t require sealant if they are dark because as they are dark, scratches are not that visible. Therefore, make sure to check with your vendor weather the sealant is required for the countertop.

Maintenance completely depends on you. If you are able to take regular care for your countertop, you can go with the stylish and light colored countertops that gives smooth look to your home otherwise go with the hard and stain free countertops. You can also take the help of the sealant as a part of your countertops maintenance.

These, things make your countertops more durable to your kitchen.

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