Basic Children Rights

By | April 24, 2015

Human rights are one of the basic standards that people require to live in dignity. Every human being is entitled to enjoy human rights. Human rights ensure that we are treated fairly and properly and given enough freedom to develop to promote well being and to full potential.

In addition to human rights there are certain rights applicable only to children. Children need unique rights because of their special needs with additional protection.

Government take the whole responsibility of making required measures to ensure that all children rights are protected, full-filled and respected. When any country approves the convention they agree to review the laws relating to children that involves assessing of health and education systems, social services, legal services and also funding for these services.

Following are few articles that explains the basic children rights:

Survival and development: Children have the right to live and government should ensure that they develop and survive healthily.

Preservation of identity: Children have the right for an identity where the government should respect children;’s right to a nationality, name and family ties.

Name, nationality, registration, care: Every children has the right to a legally registered name, right to nationality recognized officially by the government.

Parental guidance: Government should encourage the responsibilities and rights of families to direct their children to use their rights properly. Parents have to deal with rights in a manner according to the evolving capabilities of the child.

Freedom of conscience, thought and religion: Children have all rights to believe and think what they want and practice their religion from enjoying their rights. The convention supports the duties and rights of parents in providing moral and religious guidance to their children.

Children with disabilities: Children having any disability have the right to special support and care for that they can live independent and full lives.

Health and its services: Children have the right to good quality health care to nutritious food, water, safe and clean environment and certain information for them to stay healthy.

Right to education: Every child has the right to primary education for free. For them to get benefited school must be functioned in orderly way without violence. Government must ensure that the administrators of school review their policies and remove practices that involve abuse or neglect, mental or physical violence. Young people should be encouraged to reach high level of educations which they are capable of.

Children of indigenous/ minority groups: Indigenous / minority children have the right to practice and learn their own language, religion and culture and it applies to every one.

Children rights are human rights. They protect the child as a human being.

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