Procedure to File a Complaint with OSHA

By | March 24, 2015

You may want to make a complaint with OSHA. But, you may not know how to file the complaint. If so is the case, this article will help you with the detailed procedure of how to make a complaint.

Where and how to make an OSHA complaint?
The complaint can be made in the area office under whose jurisdiction the location of your workplace falls. If you don’t know the area office, you can call the OSHA toll free number to find out the same. After inquiring about the zip code of the workplace, your call will be forwarded to area office with jurisdiction by the call center of OSHA. Apart from this, you can also get the information from the OSHA’s official website.

To file a complaint with OSHA, there will be a form. But, it is not mandatory to use that form if you want to file a written complaint. In such situations, you can make use of OSHA-7 form or write a letter that answers all the questions present in the mentioned form. Little information is required for filling up of the form that is listed below. So, go through the details and make an effective complaint and hope the positive response.

Information required for filing a complaint
The information required for filling the form are, employer name, site location, mailing address, management official, telephone number, type of business, hazard description, location, whether the situation is brought to the notice of employer or any government agency (specify), indication of your suggestions, complaint name, telephone number, address, signature and few more other details.

Types of complaints OSHA categorize
OSHA puts all types of complaints into two major categories – inspection complaints and investigation complaints. Here, the inspection complaints results in the need of OSHA compliance officer to visit the workplace for inspection, whereas investigation complaints result in telephone call by the OSHA to the employer telling about the complaint and asking him/her to correct it. Here, the employee will be given five days’ time to respond. The employee needs to state that the hazard has been corrected or eliminated or denying the hazard exists or it is in the process of being eliminated.

Complaints and their consequences
There are several types of complaints, of which some may result in the inspection and some may not. Some of the complaints that result in the inspection are – a complaint on violation of the law with “reasonable particularity”. It indicates that hazard occured as a result of complaint and a reason for believing that its still exists, complaint about imminent danger, a complaint about business which is covered by OSHA, a complaint that OSHA initially responded, complaint about a business that has been cited by OSHA etc. When the complaint doesn’t fit in any of these categories, then, it doesn’t result in for the inspection, rather it takes some other actions. For more information you can go through the OSHA official website or you can call the nearest OSHA center and know the procedure of complaining clearly.

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