Marketing and Advertising – What Do They Involve?

By | March 16, 2015

Are you confused on the terms ‘what is marketing’ and ‘what is advertising’? Well, both sound similar, but when it comes to execution they are different. Each one involves various Marvistactivities that are completely different. So, would you like to have a clarity with both of this terms? Then, this article will help you out. Here we tried to explain you what actually is marketing and advertising and what does they involve. So, read through this article and know the difference. If you own a company which requires marketing and advertising then knowing this will help in the growth of your business so that you can create a long-term vision for your business.

It is a process of communicating about the product or service to the potential customers and selling them or otherwise, preparing the product or service for the market place. Here, the seller needs to satisfy the customers and convince them with below activities.

  • Research: Marketing your product in the competitive market needs thorough research about the potential customer for the particular product or service you are selling, their needs and preferences. This helps you in customizing your products or services according the demands of the customers so that you can effectively market your product.
  • Advertising: Advertising is a part of the marketing which helps in boosting the product out to reach the attention of the customers. Once research is done next process is advertising campaign, this should be done baring in mind the needs of your customers.
  • Public relations (PR): You can maintain the PR with the help of advertising and press releases. This helps in bringing a positive impact on your business among the people and this is a continuous process. You can also maintain public relations through various other ways.
  • Sales: The above steps helps in selling your product from short term to long term. PR helps your business for long term. So, once sales is done your job is not over, you must keep the belief of the customers through satisfactory customer services.

As said above, advertising is a part of marketing. This helps in making the product or service visible to the potential customers or for bringing Ad serverawareness. It is completely different from marketing. Advertising has less job to do than the marketing. But, it includes all the aspects of your business form your product or service to the brand of your company. So, every successful business needs both advertising and marketing. Advertising can be done through several steps or else it involves several activities. And it can be online or offline depending on the type of business you have.

Some of the ways to advertise your product or service among the customers are:

  • When it comes to offline you can promote or advertise your product or service through some traditional methods of advertising like television, news papers, flyers, brochures, magazines, press releases etc.
  • Online advertising is mostly required for the business that have websites that shows their products or services. Online promotion can be done through, emails, web advertisements, text messages etc.

This is how marketing varies from advertising, but for a company to be successful and to have long-term vision both of them should work together.

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