Website Hosting Essentials

By | February 28, 2015

If you are a website owner, you will have several duties such as – maintenance of the website, hosting of the website, etc. They involve several other essential works to be done, especially in hosting. There are a few best practices to keep your website and hosting account safe and secure. Some of them are listed below.

Server maintenance
It is the duty of the web host to make sure that sever is sufficiently maintained to assure that the attacks are limited; and it is the responsibility of the website owner to check whether the host has published the security protocol to ensure the upgrades or not.

Backups are mandatory for each and every website. Backup is essential to protect your site in case of problems or disasters. Not all web hosts give you the facility of regular backup. It purely depends on the hosting plan that you have chosen for your website. However, if you have your own control panel in the server, you should wait until the host performs the backup. It is also necessary that you should check how the host backs up the data and where the data is stored.

Updates are also mandatory for a website. Especially, if your site is CMS based, make sure that you update the site at least 2 times in a month using the updated software version. Along with this, you should also check the new updates at least once in 2 days, so that, malware and virus attacks can be patched in the initial stages itself.

Malware and virus scan
You should ensure that regular scanning of your hosting account is done for malware and virus. This will help you stop the entire site being attacked. Unknowingly, in this process of scanning, the infections that may spread will be cleaned up.

Check for file permissions
The file permissions should be restricted for few users that may include unauthorized visitors. Otherwise, you are opening the door for exploitation of your server. These are commonly overlooked by the hosts of the website owners, thus giving a way for the hackers.

Reliable data centerwebsite monitor
You should do thorough research about the number of hosting data centers, their reliability etc. Generally, having the data centers in multiple locations will protect your valuable information, when any disasters occur. So, try to choose such providers, if you are affording more on hosting.

Check the amount of used resources
Checking the usage of resources help you ensuring the performance of the website, diagnose the problem and make the changes accordingly. Especially, the RAM, CPU etc. should be checked at frequent intervals – at least once in a week.

Checking the suspicious activities
Checking visitors’ logs, custom logs that CMS generates, if any, and Apache error logs can help you to detect any suspicious activities and it should be done once in a week.

These are the few website hosting essentials that you need to check if you own a website.

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