Few Road Safety Tips to Follow

By | January 27, 2015

Driving safely by following certain rules are necessary when one owns a vehicle. In this article few road safety tips are mentioned which helps while driving a car.

Better to drive bare foot or have the spare shoes: It is legal and even road safety experts recommend to drive bare foot because driving with heels or thongs may result in slipping off the pedals. Shoes with soles having grip can also be used while driving.

Avoid standing on diesel spots: Even though you own a petrol vehicle, diesel pumps being side by side results in their spillage on the floor. Due to its nature of being denser and more oilier they leave your shoes sticky and greasy which may cause your foot to slip while applying brakes.

Monitoring the tire thread: If the tire threads are less than 1.4 mm depth it shows that the tires have been worn out leading to some trouble. The tire thread have to be checked at the edges and middle of the tire. Maintaining the right tire pressure and proper alignment provides with better vehicle handling and also increase the life span of the tires.

Use air conditioner to clear up the foggy windscreen: Most people usually keep the air conditioner off during cold and wet weather which fogs up the windscreen of the car. By switching on the air conditioner it enables to take the moisture in the cabin to out of the air thus clearing the wind screen in short time.

Be careful while changing the spare tire: Unfortunately every year accidents occur involving drivers getting hit while changing the spare tire. Ensure to drive the vehicle off the road carefully behind a safety barrier.

Do not swerve to avoid animals: It is awful to think of killing an animal by striking it which was agreed by the wildlife advocates that it is to hit an animal than to swerve and crash in to another oncoming car. Its very painful to go against your feelings during emergency bu the time an animal jumps out in front, use the brakes by all means but do not swerve to avoid them.

Avoid sugary treats and caffeine: Better to avoid sugary treats and caffeinated drinks. Though they provide with burst of energy it is short lived and one feels more tired after a while. Take foods with low glycemic index and have plenty of water.

Keep car’s headlight on during day and night: Always drive keeping the vehicles head lights on either during day or night which increases the chances of being seen especially in areas with high pedestrians and shady places.

Never overload car’s roof : Do not overload the vehicles roof which can damage the rails of the roof and affects the handling capacity for the car due to increased center of gravity. A maximum up to 60-100 kg can be kept to be driven safely.

Grease the trailer axles: The axles become rusty and seized when kept not in use for long time due to certain weather conditions. Greasing or replacing the axles and bearings should be done thoroughly.

The above article gives information on the road safety tips which can be followed to avoid accidents to certain extent.

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