Unnoticed Critical Safety Issues in Vehicles

By | December 15, 2014

People generally do not pay attention to minor issues. In the same way, when it comes to vehicles, there are a few unnoticed safety issues that are to be taken care of. Otherwise, it may lead to big problems, later. So, let us discuss to make you aware of a few critical safety issues which you should take care of.

Damaged brake lines
This is one of the major issues that is overlooked as the brake lines are not visible to the people. Brake lines are vulnerable to breakage and dust particles, which may damage the brake lines making small hole. This issue can be noticed, if there is any leakage of brake fluid from the brake line or any holes or signs or rust. So, it is better to replace the brake lines with chemical resistant brake lines. This problem can arise if the brake line is much exposed to rain or winter snow. So, regular checks to the brake lines is necessary.

Compromised bumpers
If your vehicle is met with minor bump or collision or if it is a used car, there can be a chance that bumper not working properly. Though it may look good for the eyes and though there are no signs of damage from outside, the underlying structure can be compressed and cause greater damage, if they are unnoticed. So, better make the bumper check with the mechanic, after any collision or once it is not used for long time.

Missing air bags
Many cars that are missing air bags are facing the accidents. This is the major concern if you purchase the used cars. So, when you are purchasing a used car, not only visually check the car for any accidental damages, but also check the history reports of the car and make sure that it is not met with accidents and also ask your mechanic to inspect for the signs of air bag deployment.

Not properly inflated tires
Many people ignore checking their car’s tire pressure. If your car has under inflated tiers they may blow out or it becomes difficult for you to control the car. An advantage of properly inflated tiers is, it helps in improving the gas mileage of your car.

Dying batteries
It is important to check the batteries based on the seasonal changes – especially, in the winter – because extreme temperatures can push the weak batteries to the edge.

Problems in cooling system
It is recommended to check the cooling system and the hose connections frequently for any leaks, damage or loose connections. Cooling system is one of the important part of the car that keeps your car’s engine cool always, and neglecting it may cause problems.
These are the few critical issues that are to be noticed and addressed timely, to ensure that the vehicle functions properly.

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