Online Display Advertising and It Benefits for Business

By | October 8, 2014

Online display advertising
Online display advertising is also called as banner advertising. Here the advertising is done in the form of banner ads. The banner ads will be of specific ad format. These ads can include text, logos and rich media etc. These types of ads appear besides the content in emails, IM applications etc. Display ads can appear on the same or the adjacent pages of the content. Few advantages of using display or banner advertising are stated under.

ad serverBenefits of banner advertising
Captures attention:
This type of advertising captures the attention of the customers and engages with them to influence them through your decisions. Through this advertising method, there is chance for the advertisers or marketers to reach the people at every stage.

Study made by US markets online public association that display ads brings huge brand image. As this is a part of online advertising there is will be huge branding for this type of ads because this type of ads appear in big size which can’t escape form the eyes of the customers even though they don’t click on the ads.

Direct response through ROI:
Studies made on few online advertising campaigns proved that the advertising done through online methods would get more ROI than through the offline methods.

Ad servingFlexibility to change:
Online advertising has more flexibility when compared to offline because here the advertisers can use different templates, colors, sizes, call-to-action buttons i.e., they can customize the ads in their own way and present it to the customers to attract them.

Re-targeting the audience with re-marketing:
Display ads take you to the sites that show the relevant information and relevant ads through which you can again navigate to the site. This brings the sites to reach effectively among the people.

Wide and efficient reach:
Display advertising reach the people based on the location, behavior, statistics etc. Therefore, this is good advantage for the company who are looking for more business.

ad server pricesBanners help mobile reach:
Through banners, there is chance of targeting the mobile users. People can see the banners through which they can redirect to the companies site or product. With this mobile reach, the company can gain by targeting muti-device using audience, which is booming in the current business scenario.

By combining display advertising with other forms of advertising like email marketing, can achieve good results for the advertiser and the company.

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