HR: How to Prepare for Recruitment

By | October 29, 2014

Of all the assets that a company owns, employees are the most valuable asset of a company. They recognize the values and principles of an organization and adds value yo work to achieve the institutional goals. This makes recruiting a correct employee very essential. A worthy employee works in the favor and interests of a firm whereas an unsuitable employee is nothing more than a mere burden on the company.

Recruitment is all about hiring a correct person with correct skill set and in a time when he can add maximum worth to an organization. Hiring process should be properly planned and scheduled to acquire the required talent at the time it is required. The process is a little time consuming as no one can tell when a quest for required skill set will end. But, eventually it saves a lot of budget and adds a lot to productivity and quality of work output.

Preparing the ground for recruitment
It is always advisable to do a self check and evaluate needs and requirements from our end before going for a hiring process. A little organization of work in the preliminary stages avoids much chaos and wastage of time and resources afterward. Here a little probable list of things is mentioned which will help you in the process.

  • Evaluate your needs
    First of all you have to determine the purpose for the recruitment. The nature of the work that has to be carried out by the prospective hired person. Accordingly, based on the work nature, qualifications needed and skills work compensation should be decided. This will help you in establishing the skills required for the job and these are the skills which you need to look for while interviewing the candidate.
  • Quality sets and organizational compatibility
    Skills of a person are different from their qualities. Both these aspects are independent of each other. The qualities of the candidate should be compatible with the values of the organization. It is to be noted that useful work is difficult to extract from a skilled individual if he lacks qualities that encourage him to work. The cultural and organizational fit of the candidate should be ensured before hiring him into a certain position.
  • Self hire or third party hire
    To decide this you have to be sure regarding the certain things like whether you are hiring for a full time or part time employee, on permanent basis or contract basis, the number of candidates required, the time and the budget involved. After the maths is done, you can be clear regarding which option to choose.
  • Preparing the job description
    Though this may sound simple enough, it is very tricky part of the process. The job description should be clear and elaborate about the nature and responsibilities that has to be carried out. The job description should clear all the doubts of the candidate and leave him with no traces of doubt. The job description should be interesting, challenging and clear.

The legal side of hiring
This is the crucial part of the hiring process. It should be made certain that prescribed laws are followed during the process and violation of laws does not happen. Federal laws posters required to be displayed for job applicants should be conspicuously posted and these laws have to be followed. Any violation of the laws can be dear and attract lawsuits and heavy penalties.

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