Symptoms of Failure of Fuel Pump and How to Replace it

By | September 3, 2014

Get to the fuel pump
The fuel pump is a essential component of an internal combustion engine system. The fuel pump pumps the fuel from the tank to the injection system. fuel pump repairThe pump is designed to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and delivered at low pressure to the carburetor or at high pressure to the fuel ignition system.
There are two types of fuel pumps: mechanical and electric. In most cars, we find the electrical fuel pump.
You will find mechanical fuel pump mostly in old/carburetor vehicles. Mechanical fuel pumps rely on movement of the piston to draw fuel.

Fuel pumps can be located inside or outside of fuel tanks depends up on the vehicle. On most of the vehicles you’ll find the fuel pump inside the tank.

Symptoms of failure of fuel pump

  • Low acceleration in highways
    • One of the symptoms of failure of fuel pump is your engine reduces its speed while your in highways.
    • When engine misfires, it will cause the car to jerk while going along the highway.
    • A misfiring of engine can also cause your car to lose power .
  • Lose of power at high speed
    • When you are driving on highways at a high speed especially when the car is climbing a hill. This problem is caused by failure of the fuel filter or the pump. It may even improve for a short time if you change out an in-line filter.

How to replace a fuel pump

  • The fuel pumps are located on the outside of the Fuel tank can be removed simply by taking out the screws that are attached to the fuel pump.
  • The fuel pumps are usually protected by a black sleeve.
  • After the fuel the pump is unbolted, disconnect the fuel pump from the two fuel lines before removing it from the sleeve.
  • When disconnecting the fuel lines, make sure that basins or cans laid down to catch any leaks while removing.
  • The electrical wires also need to be removed before the pump removed from the sleeve.
  • After disconnecting all the necessary connections.
  • Take a new fuel pump with same configuration as the old fuel pump.
  • Now reconnect the new pump which should be place inside the sleeve or the fuel tank.
  • Reconnect the electrical wires fuel pump to the fuel pump
  • Reconnect the fuel lines to the fuel pump.
  • After reconnecting all the components, tighten the bolts.
  • Now start the engine and check if the new fuel pump is working properly.

These are some the symptoms and how to replace the fuel pump of your car/vehicle.

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