Parents Role in Teaching Their Kids Self-defense Tactics

By | September 5, 2014

Teach your kids to identify strangers
At first you should teach them about the situation that most of the kids are facing from the strangers and educate them. Make them know the signs and symptoms for recognizing the strangers, tell them various simple ways to identify the strangers around them and ask them to be far away from those people for not getting into trouble.

Teach basic self-defense tips
Next teach them basic self-defense tips like what to do when strangers are following them. Tell you kids, that not to answer the questions asked by strangers and also tell them not to take eatables from un-known people.

Help them in taking self-defense classes
A good self-defense class will teach your kid to handle situations where they are attacked and helps them to protect themselves from being attacked.

Helps them in building up their confidence
Confidence is important for everyone whether it is an adult or a teenager. Confidence is one of the factor that they grab from self-defense classes. Confidence builds up automatically with the tactics they learn. This boosts them up in handling the strangers and the situation.

Make them exercise daily
Daily exercise is must for kids. It not only makes them build their body, but also makes them energetic and healthy all the day. Making your kid physically fit keeps them strong enough to fight with the strangers.

Set some boundaries
Set some boundaries, like, tell your kid not to go beyond surroundings for playing, not to meet and talk to the strangers.

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