Flooring Options for Various Rooms in Your Home

By | September 3, 2014

Do you want to select the flooring options for your home? Need some ideas? Then, read this article, this will help you to choose the type of flooring you can use for various rooms in your home. Flooring can be done with stones, wood, carpets etc. So, read this article what flooring options you can use for flooring your rooms.

For entry or living room
Living room is at the front of your room were people visiting it and spend time over there. Her you use decorative pieces and miniature plants to make your room more attractive. Therefore, the flooring should also match with the decoration and the look of your home. As you place small plants in your living room and the countertops, you can use the stone that is more durable and that is not damaged easily. Therefore, stones like those that marble will be good for modern look, were as for simple look you can use slate, hardwood etc.

For bed room
For your bedroom, you can make use of travertine, marble etc. To give a cool and smooth fell you can use marble for your bedroom. You can also cover the flooring with carpet to make it smooth. For your guests bedroom you can have hardwood laminate, which adds style to the room and avoids unnecessary sounds that makes your guest irritated.

Kid’s room
As kids will be making lots of noise with their toys on the floor and walls, better use a carpet over your flooring, which avoids the noises that comes with the toys they use for playing. Underneath the carpet, you can use any of the flooring materials that fit in your budget as it is not visible to the people.

For your kitchen it is suggested to use the stone that is durable and that can be good for maintenance because, kitchen will have more strains with which your flooring and countertops gets damaged soon. So, choose the stone option, which is more durable. You may also use some miniatures were you pour water and the excess water may damage or make strains on flooring. Therefore, you should have regular maintenance and better not to go for white stone options as they leave the marks even they are small.

For outdoor patios
As you home extension the patios or decks should reflect the indoor of your home. Therefore, the furniture and the flooring should be in such a way that they should indicate your home and its culture.

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