Parent’s Role in Teenage Driving and Safety

By | August 21, 2014

Entrusting a teenage with a car is a great risk on parent’s part and is a great responsibility on teenager’s part. Parents should interpret the due risk that they are taking by entrusting their teenage kid with a car. Hence they must counsel them properly before they pursue driving.

  • Parents should ensure frequent counseling sessions for their child regarding the need and importance of safe driving. They should inquire about their speed levels and ask them for problems and give them necessary tips.
  • They should get their kid’s car installed with parental control system and GPS so that their locations and driving speeds can be monitored and parental control system limits the maximum speed of the car and the audio volume.
  • Teenage drivers should be given crisp instructions regarding not to drive when drunk or feeling drowsy. They should be asked to stay overnight or take a friend’s help to drive them home in such cases. They should be also well acquainted with emergency services number.

Choosing the right car for your teen
Parents must ensure that they are providing their kid with the safest car for their amateur driving. A good selection of car ensures that they learn quickly and acquire good command over the vehicle and driving skills ensuring minimum risk.

  • They should go for low horsepower vehicle for their child. This limits their desire to over speed and do street racing.
  • If possible, they should go for a car with anti collision systems and electronic stability control. This ensures extra edge safety for their teenage kid. They should invariably get GPS and parental control system installed in their car if feasible.
  • The car should be big. Big cars ensures less chances of fatalities in case of an accident. Going for a used car can be considered if going for a new car is not economic.

Importance of parent’s counseling
A teenage driver is not receptive of the risk and dangers involved in wake of their age and excitement. They tend to be driven by energy and vigor and ignores the safety measures designed for everyone’s safety.

Parent’s are the persons who know their kids best. They know the temperament and tendencies of their kid to get distracted and deviated from the goal under influence of others. Hence they must find time to counsel their kids about the safe driving practices and the need for it. They should get their kids joined to defensive driving course invariably. This improves their driving skills and make them more open minded and aware of the safety practices.

They must stress the use of seat belt and no drunk driving to their children. They should do frequent vehicle maintenance so that vehicle is in perfect condition. A good vehicle condition ensures much safety to the driver.

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