Safety Features of Car to Look for When Purchasing

By | July 21, 2014

While purchasing a car apart from other factors, you need to look for its safety features. The safety features in your car will help you to avoid accidents and will protect you from injury. Here are some of the features that you can look after.

    • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Anti-lock braking system helps you to control the wheels when you are step on the brakes which will control the steering on rock and slippy surfaces. This is a feature that benefits in emergency. This system is more effective in the winter seasons as the roads will be slippery. It also has traction control, that is, it shares some parts of the traction control system. If both work together there will be a great chance to avoid accidents.

    • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This system helps the drivers when they are on high speed during turnings or when they are on slippery roads. This system applies brakes on front and rare wheels and also reduces the power of the engine in controlling under and over steer problems. It also reduces the danger of rollover. It is a standard feature of safety for spot utility vehicles (SUVs). It also works similar to ABS in controlling the vehicle.

    • Auto Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a technology developed for cars in avoiding crashes or in reducing the impact of the crash. This system is very useful in avoiding accidents because it can avoid crashes apart from the driver. At first, it alerts the driver about the crash and also makes them to use maximum brakes during that situation even though the driver can’t control it then, AEB automatically applies the brakes independent of the driver in dangerous or critical situations. It only helps the driver in emergency situations. There are different versions of this system like low speed, high speed and pedestrians and this varies from car to car and also in functionality.

    • Traction control

This system helps the wheel spinning by temporarily applying the brake and holds the grip of the car during acceleration with the help of wheel rotation so that the car can accelerate smoothly on the road even when the road is slippery. It is more common safety feature in many cars today.

    • Tier-pressure monitoring

Tier-Pressure monitoring system will helps the drivers by warning him when the air pressure in the tier is very low with the help of the light on instrumental panel. The cars with flat tiers results in hurting fuel economy and also results in great damage.

    • Crumple Zones

It is a feature used in automobiles. This will absorb the energy during collisions in traffic, which prevents entering into passengers cabin and also protects the car occupants against injury.

These are some of the safety features that can help your car and you from avoiding accidents.
Look for these safety features. It will help you protect yourself and your family.

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