Common Reasons for a Website to Go Down

By | July 24, 2014

monitoring serviceAre you worried because your site is down? Do you want to know the reasons why your website is down? You might find some common reasons because of which, your website is down. Know the problems and get solutions so that you can make your website again up.

Common reasons for website downtime are:

  1. The site may be attacked by DoS or DdoS attacks by hackers who over loads the server or a network for a temporary period of time for many reasons.
  2. Due to coding errors. If there are errors in coding that is bad code, it will make your site go down.
  3. All the websites are not all-browser compatible. It may be the problem because of the web browser as well. Sometimes apart from the website.
  4. This may also happen due to the overloading of the server. This is the major problem faced by the websites with shared web servers. Here the servers will have to maintain some no. of website i.e., server here is shared for all the sites so it becomes difficult for it maintain it properly which results in overloading.
  5. It may be the problem of your hardware or component on your computer also. Which is called as hardware failure.monitoring service
  6. If the website is not maintained properly and regularly with updated information it obviously downs your website.
  7. Monitoring is also an important factor for website. If it’s not monitored in proper time after the problem has raised, it slowly downs your website.
  8. DNS and network problems also leads to slow down your website.
  9. Embedded content from the other websites may also cause the problem.
  10. The users which are linked to the database may take some more time to execute. So, this execution leads to the slow loading of the web page.
  11. Keeping too many images with large size may also take your site to load for more time.
  12. Missing directory index directive leads to the empty public HTML folder without any content.

These are the common reasons that may arise for slow loading and down time of the website. As the owner of the website you must know all this reasons and resolve this problem to avoid downtime of your website.

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