How to Cool Your Car When it Becomes Hot?

By | July 30, 2014

Are you worried about your car that it’s hot? Don’t panic. You can make it cool if you follow these quick and simple tips. You can do it without using any equipment and at no additional cost of maintenance.

Park your car in shade for some time
First, you need to park your car in a shady place where there is sufficient air for cooling. This makes the engine cool if it is hot and the oil as it is not in a moving position.

Move car windows down
Moving car windows down can recirculate the air from inside to outside and vice versa. The air circulates better with this and balances the air at all windows.

Switch on the air conditioner
If you have air conditioning facility in your car, switch it on by setting it to fresh air, but don’t recirculate the air.

Recirculate the air:
Once the air conditioner is on and the air is cool inside, recirculate the air when it is cooler than outside.

Make sure that the thermostat of your car is set to cool
Thermostat in your car must be kept in the cool setting as this may cool down your car quickly and easily.

Drive with windows down
Drive for a few minutes to completely rush out the hot air inside the car. Now, the hot air inside the car gets removed easily.

Adjust temperature with fan settings
Once you are done, all you need to do is to move the windows up and make the fan turn on once you have changed the thermostat settings to lower. This will make the changes in the temperature inside the car.

Use windshields:
Some branded cars will provide a strong windshields that block and protect people boaridng the car from the ultraviolet rays and the heat. This not only lowers the temperature inside the car, but also stops UV rays that will damage the dashboard.

Use window tint
To lower the interior temperatures of the car you can also use widow tinting. But this is prohibited in some states. Therefore, check out whether your state allows you to tint your windows of your car.

Choose cloth interiors rather than leather
Finally, a small tip to purchase the cars is that having cloth interiors rather than leather can heat up with the sunlight easily.

Following these steps, you can make your car cool quickly.

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