Dental Issues: Composite Resin and Its Treatment Procedure

By | July 30, 2014

Are you looking for a dental filling that gives your teeth a natural look? And, you don’t want others to know that you have a dental filling? Then, composite fillings will be the best choice for your teeth as it can satisfy your needs.

Composite resins
Composite resins are fillings or filling materials and is a aesthetic procedure for dental restorations. The resins are added with quartz or glass fill used for producing the teeth colored filling.

These resins do not have metal content, and instead have a glass mixture used to shape the teeth that really look natural. Dentists use this filling as the substitute to traditional amalgam fillings for the people with dental cavities.

For many years, amalgam was only the dental filling available and used by most people. However, today with this composite resins, it paved a path for dental filling. It is going almost to replace the amalgam filling existed until recently. It took many years for the dentists to find out the right material for the dental fillings and the final outcome was wonderful, which serves many people now.

Treatment procedure
Composite resin filling is a complex procedure when compared to amalgam fillings. The dentist will get the teeth out of saliva to keep it dry. Later, a drill is made on the infected part as is in case of amalgam filling. Now this composite resin that is prepared is placed on the area where the drilling has been done and a special light is focused on that part to harden the composite material placed and then is reshaped to make it look like a real teeth. Even though it takes more time for the dentists to prepare and more time the treatment, the outcome is amazing.


  • Composite fillings are not much durable as amalgam ones and have to be replaced every 7-10 years.
  • This may not be suitable if the filling is to be done in a large area.
  • It is more complicated and detailed.
  • It’s costlier than the amalgam filling.
  • The teeth may get stained if you have a habit of taking tobacco, tea and coffee frequently.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits that composite resin fillings give to the patient, these are some drawbacks, which you can ignore if you are really pleased with this fillings.

Resin filling is useful for people who are concerned for the a better appearance of their personalty because it gives a more natural look.

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