Why to Change Fuel Filter of Your Car?

By | June 12, 2014

As humans, we need food to live, a vehicle also needs fuel to run. Fuel filter is an important part of a car’s engine system. The pedal in a car will control the intake of fuel and improve the performance of the engine. The fuel filter should be free from dirt as a small piece of dirt can damage the engine. Moisture corrodes the filter and can enter the tank while re-filling. This can damage and cause wearing-out in other parts of the engine as well, which affects the efficiency of the car.

Fuel pump replacement Fuel filter washers must be changed
Generally, washers are different from one another, they are made up of copper or aluminum. Fuel filters come with special bolt lines so while fixing the filter one must be careful to place the washer on the bolt and then turn the fuel filter. Replace your old washers with a new washer which should match exactly with the old washer or which your manufacturer has recommended.

Replacement of fuel filter will increase engine performance
Fuel filter is placed where the fuel will pass from the tank to the engine. The fuel filter should be clean as the fuel passes from the tank to the engine so it should flow without any distraction. You must change the fuel filter when your car takes time to start, a bad fuel tank is examined, acceleration is not good, etc. A dusty and clogged fuel filter if not changed regularly, will decrease the effectiveness of the car. All fuel filters must be changed regularly as a part of car maintenance.

A fuel filter will prevent the contaminants to enter the system
A fuel filter which is unclean will give low performance and poor mileage, which causes trouble to engine and sometimes breakdown of engine may also occur. Sometimes petrol and diesel contain some traces of alcohol.
Your fuel filter will obstruct fuel to enter the tank, but if it is old and torn, then all the dust will enter into the tank and this results in wear and tear of the engine thereby reducing the car performance.

Keep your fuel filter clean
The fuel filter acts as a protective shield to some of the delicate parts of the engine in a car. Make sure to keep your filter clean to keep your car healthy. Change your fuel filter with a new filter annually. Whenever your engine starts running and suddenly stops, it might be due to contaminated filter, which doesn’t allow fuel to flow from engine to all other engine parts thus the motor stops. Therefore, fuel filter must be kept clean without any clogs of dust or replace it with a new fuel filter.

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