Safety Measures After The Braces are Removed

By | June 4, 2014

After finishing of wearing your braces for a long period of time, you feel the treatment is over. But it is not true, orthodontic treatment is not yet done. It is because you have to visit your orthodontist for checkup even after you remove the braces.

Teeth maintenance after braces is removed is important to maintain oral hygiene. If you want to keep up the good smile, you need to put retainers after removing braces. Here are tips on how to take care of your teeth once you have removed the braces.

Wear your retainers to maintain the position of your teeth
Retainers are the instruments which are placed under your teeth, after the braces are taken off. Retainers are meant to hold the alignment of the teeth. There are two types of retainers available, one is removable and the other is non-removable (permanent). The retainer is specifically made for your mouth. During the first six months following the removal of dental braces, it is often necessary for patient to wear the retainer full time. After this period, the retainer may only need to be worn at night, but the time is determined by the orthodontist.

Put on retainers immediately after brushing and eating
If you wear retainers it is important that you clean them whenever you clean your teeth. Brush or floss the retainers to remove all the left-over food present on it. Wash them at least twice a day. Also soak them weekly once in a denture solution in removable case. In non-removable retainers, patient needs to clean them in regular intervals. This can be done either by using floss or by gargling with mouth wash.

If retainers are broken or lost immediately call your orthodontist
Once you remove braces it is important to wear retainers as it keeps your teeth in alignment for years even after your braces are off. In case if you lose or break your retainers, you must make an appointment with your orthodontist. Follow your orthodontist to evaluate your teeth and also to help you to obtain the replaced retainers. This could lead to additional charges if you lose your removable retainers.

Maintain the oral hygiene even after the braces are taken off
Maintenance of oral hygiene is important no matter if your wearing or not wearing your braces. Proper oral care isn’t just making your teeth look good, but also for your overall health issues. Things to be done for maintenance of oral hygiene involves brushing, flossing, rinsing and waterpik. Using a proxabrush for brushing is recommended even after your braces are removed. Using of mouthwash is also equally recommended.

Maintenance of oral health becomes mandatory to avoid any future oral complications and oral diseases. It is important to keep a check with your orthodontist. This helps you to keep updating with your oral conditions of your mouth. If you want to maintain the appearance of your smile forever, you need to know all the above safety measures.

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