Common Mistakes Made While Learning a New Language

By | June 18, 2014

An overview
Language is very comprehensive in nature. When people try to learn a new language they try different approaches. People develop myths regarding the process of learning and start adopting an approach which is rarely practical. This makes their learning very difficult. People must approach in a particular fashion in accordance to their set goals and break the myths that will hinder their way. In this article, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that people make while learning a new language.

  • Sticking to a book: As soon as someone decides to learn a new language, the first and the foremost thought that comes to a person’s mind is to grab a best selling book. Sticking to a book is a conventional learning process and will take long time. Hence your partnership to any book must be till you learn good sentences, words and grammar.
  • Not having a flexible mind: Sometimes people choose a language to learn out of need or compulsion even if they do not like a language. The person has to break his shell and come out with an interest to learning other languages and cultures too. He should have a flexible mind and an interest to learn.
  • Lack of zeal : Many a times, a person wants to learn a new language but he doesn’t have enough enthusiasm, this leads to lack of motivation. This will slow down the process drastically as the person will not be able to pick up curiosity to learn new words and learn more.
  • Not using the language enough: Even though the person is learning at a good pace and is quite interested in learning it, he lags behind in his endeavor because he is not using it quite enough. Practicing the language by virtue of its usage is the best way to gain control and confidence over a language. Many a times a person adheres to a best selling book and develops complacency that inhibits from using that language enough.
  • Fear factor : Sometimes a person is inherently shy and has a fear of facing embarrassment. These things are surely very obvious to happen but one must develop a sportive spirit to face it and come over it. These small hurdles should not keep us from reaching our goal.
  • Monotonous approach: Learning languages is a systematic and logical approach. It is advisable to follow an approach. But sometimes people adopt a single method of learning. This makes the learning process dull and monotonous. To overcome this, a person must try to adopt different interesting ways to learn simple things. For instance, he can use online videos, make online friends, watch comedy movies, read folk stories to keep up his interest in the process.
  • Impractical goals: One should not have impractical goals. Surely the person is going to lag behind his goals and this will in turn lead to frustration and loss of interest. So setting up of goals should be wise, sensible and practical. The goals should be achievable in the set term.

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