Lumineers is a Substitute for Orthodontics

By | June 1, 2014

Lumineers are designed veneers which are ultra-thin. They are useful for covering the gaps that occur between the teeth and covers the dis-colored teeth and enhances the appearance of the teeth. They are very thin and look like contact lenses. They are resistant to leaking and cracking. Lumineers are made up of porcelain.

Uses of lumineers:

  • One of the major advantage is, they are very thin i.e., as thin as contact lens
  • It is not painful and does not require anesthesia as drilling is not performed
  • These lumineers will last for more than 20 years, but better to change it after few years for a healthy structure of the teeth
  • They can solve the problems of large gaps between the teeth
  • Helps to align mis-aligned teeth
  • Makes the teeth look natural
  • Covers the stained teeth
  • With lumineers you can eat all kinds of food as they are just placed on the teeth

Lumineers treatment:
The treatment is very simple and requires only two visits to the doctor. This is a painless treatment. At first the doctor takes the shade of the teeth and in the second visit the designed lumineers are fixed. Lumineers treatment lasts for nearly 20 years. The cost of the treatment depends on the area and the dental clinic you approach. And if the front teeth are tipped backward and gets stuck on the either sides lumineers are recommended.

How lumineers are substitute for orthodontics?
Lumineers are instant orthodontics that are substitute to traditional braces and these help to straighten the teeth and makes the uniformity of the teeth. You only need to visit the dentist only once or twice, but when it comes to traditional orthodontics it requires several visits and wastes lot of time and they also require good maintenance. In that case lumineers are better than the traditional braces.

Disadvantages of lumineers:

  • Finding the right shade for the teeth is a difficult task for the dentist
  • Lumineers must be done under the supervision of a good and qualified cosmetic dentist
  • Oral hygiene is must for lumineers, otherwise it leads to dental diseases

These are minor disadvantages and can be avoided with proper care.

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