How to Evaluate Your Business Website’s Performance?

By | June 23, 2014

Optimal performance of a business’ website is very important. It is the website that allows you to interact with your customers and prospects. Imagine a situation when your website is down, and your customers cannot access your website. During such situation you are likely to loss customers.

According to, 79% of shoppers dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again. Therefore, make sure your website performs optimally, and check if it is performing well.

Following are the principal parameters to evaluate the performance of your business website.

website monitoring serviceAmount of uptime
Uptime is the time during which the site is available to users. Make sure to check for uptime of the important pages of your site. The longer is the uptime, the better performance of your site. It is also important to check whether your website is available from different locations. This is important if your business operates at different locations across the globe and if your customers/clients come from different geographic locations.

Page-load time
Studies show that Internet users want web pages to load as fast as within six to nine seconds. If the page loads slow, the proportion of visitors leaving the website will be more.

Server response time
The server hosting your website needs to be fast enough to let you know that the site is down. The server carries important information on your site.

uptime monitoringFiles such as images, videos, etc.
Files such as videos, images, etc., result in better user engagement, but the fact is these files make the site slow. This is because these files take time to load. To make sure the page loads faster, change the HTML attributes for images accordingly.

Load withstanding capacity
When the number of visitors reaches a threshold, your website slows down. If yours is an e-marketing site dealing with retail consumer goods, you may get a large number of visitors during festive occasions. If the site is not able to cope with the load, it may crash. Make sure you conduct load tolerance test and compare the finding with the number of visitors when it peaks. Your site needs to have the tolerance to handle excess traffic.

Taking care of the things that are mentioned below will help you make your website perform well and grow your business.

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