Steps Involved in Dental Implantation

By | April 15, 2014

Dental implant is a best choice for people who are having missing or damaged teeth. Unlike traditional methods, dental implants are very comfortable and does not require any maintenance. Dental implants are designed in such a way that it resembles the natural teeth.

Dental implant is a process and there are certain steps that have to be followed. Read the article to know the five steps that are involved in dental implant. This implantation completes in one single sitting and is a five step process.

In this step the dentist will give local anesthesia to the patient. Then reflection of the soft tissue is done by making an incision in the area of missing tooth. Then the gingiva is cut into two equal halves and the edges of these tissues are pulled back. Then we can see the exposure of jaw bone. If you feel this is scary then you can go for flapless surgery as an alternative to this technique. In flapless surgery a small piece of tissue that should be the diameter of the implant is removed from the crest bone and then the implant is placed.

The next step involved in dental implantation after soft tissue reflection is drilling at high speed. In this step, holes are placed on the jaw bone with a high speed driller. In this step care must be taken not to burn or pressure necrosis of the bone as the dentist uses high speed drilling.

In this step, drilled holes are expanded in the appropriate site to place an implant screw. This process of enlargement of site is called osteotomy. In this step, low temperatures should be maintained by spraying saline solution.

In this step, the implant is placed on the prepared site and screw is placed and fixed tightly then the implant is completely covered with the gums to prevent overloading on adjacent teeth bones. Overloading on the adjacent bone leads to death of bone, it is called Osteonecrosis. Make sure the implant has no movement within the bone.

In the final step, adaptation of tissue takes place. A healing abutment is placed to surround and protect the entire implant.

These five steps takes place in one sitting and it is preferred by many people compared to other traditional methods, as it has a success rate of about 95%.

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