Smart Vehicles That Can Rarely Collide

By | April 2, 2014

Vehicles are a boon that has revolutionized the speed of transportation. However, unfortunately accidents happen resulting in the loss of Accidents happen because many things are not in control of the humans like responding in adequate times to avert the mishap. To mitigate this risk, cars today come with features and systems that takes up the responsibility of saving the man from these situations.

The sensory system
The advancements in the electronic industry have come as an aid to the automobile industry. The electronic industry has come up with many systems like radars, cameras and sensors that are helpful in sensing the vicinities of the vehicle.

The sensors and the radars can measure the distances and communicate them to the driver so that he can take necessary actions. The system can raise an alarm to draw the attention of the driver to summon his alert, levels and in extreme cases, the vehicles can take certain measures by itself like applying brakes automatically or changing the course of motion.

Better parking
The availability of sensors and cameras help to a great deal in looking into the blind spots where the vehicle can possible collides with something. The driver can use the camera vision to park or steer the vehicle effectively through dense traffic and do effective parking. The car can also be used to suggest predictive moves to park effectively.

The features are available in some premium cars that take control of the car into their hands and park the car better than any human being can do.

Smart braking
The radar system of the cars looks out for the obstacles that are present in the way of the car while moving forward or while it is backing to do some parking to take an alternate course and tell them of possible collisions.

The vehicles can summon the braking system to apply by themselves on sensing the obstacles. In a way, the smart vehicles do not let anyone compromise with the safety of the occupants of the car.

The edge of the system over the primitive technology
The early cars relied up to a great extent on skills of the driver in ensuring the safety of the occupants. Road accidents have become a revelation to the manufacturing firms. They have devised features to save the life of occupant and they are working to improve the systems even further. The system has evolved in a phase where the safety of the occupants is not compromised with the expertise levels of the driver. Technology in the years to come is all set to ensure even more safety to the occupants.

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