The Positives and Negatives of Highly Sensitive People

By | April 9, 2014

Sensitiveness in a person has positive as well as negative significance. In a positive way, being sensitive means a person who is caring, understanding, considerate and mindful of others. In a negative way, being sensitive means person has a tendency to take things too personally and overreact emotionally which can lead to distress.
In this article, we will discuss the positives and negatives implications of a highly sensitive person.

A heightened sense of pleasure
A highly sensitive person perceives more joy in good things going around them or whatever good surrounds them like atmosphere, others feeling, energies etc. What is moderately arousing for others is highly arousing for a highly sensitive person, which brings them joy.

Powerful intuitions and greater empathy
Highly sensitive people have powerful intuitions, which literally means having six senses as opposed to others with five senses. They are basically the feelers and can read other people’s feelings.
Sensitive people have higher empathy and awareness of others need. In sensitive people, empathy is more than a feeling for others. They have a tendency to absorb others feelings and emotions.

Highly sensitive people are also conscientious. This means they have the ability to sense what is right and what is wrong. They are very unlikely to harm others or take any such action that can cause distress to others.

Imaginative and creative
The minds of sensitives are imaginative, as these minds can process information more thoroughly and are able to give meaningful results when creating and coloring an image with a touch of reality. Because of their intuitive and emotional nature, they are the artists. Highly sensitive people tend to be extremely creative and sometimes they have ideas that are so unique and unorthodox. This is why many HSP become artists or writers. In general, they have a higher level of creativity than others.

Daily life hassles has more impact on HSP than others
Sensitives can easily get overwhelmed. They take way of life too hard. Some people among highly sensitives are overwhelmed so easily that they are unable to function in any aspect of living. Daily life hassles can impact them more than others.

Prone to anxiety or depression
HSP lack confidence. They feel insecure in this harsh world. Their nervous system is set to more anxious. They need to have a protective environment. Parents of sensitive kids need to handle their children in a right way. “You can’t over protect them, neither can’t under protect them”, says Aron.

Take things too personally
HSP have a tendency to take things personally. They tend to make assumptions that whatever happens around them is about them. They react to other people’s comment, actions and opinions. Others can change their mindset easily.

Emotional instability
Because of the open nature of highly sensitive people, they can be described as porous and are sensitive to anger, depression and unhappiness, thus get easily affected and are unable to keep these emotions controlled. Even after a lot of effort made, they fail to hide these emotions.

Emotionally reactive
HSP are sensitive to others’ feelings and tend to absorb others’ feeling, which causes much pain and discomfort. They may be more concerned about how other people may react and face negative situations.

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