Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

By | March 18, 2014

The popularity of the hybrid cars is growing rapidly. As in case of traditional cars, people looking at the pros and cons of hybrid cars. Many people know well about hybrid cars as they give good mileage and lower emissions but performance is less when compared to gasoline cars. Today, hybrid cars come with many features similar to those of traditional cars. We will discuss in this article the pros and cons of hybrids.

  • Pros of hybrids:
    • Clean energy: A hybrid car has an electric motor and a gas powered engine. Both together make the vehicle get a better mileage with lower emissions.
    • Insurance discounts: In many cases, car insurance companies do not offer the car insurance at cheaper prices. But just you owning a hybrid car, the insurance companies will give you discounts. Some companies specifically have the insurance policies for hybrids. They are targeting the hybrid car owners.
    • Higher resale values: The interest on hybrid cars has been increasing in the people. Because it protects environment and saves the annual fuel bills. So, used hybrid cars having higher resale values than the average resale values. The investment you put on a hybrid vehicle will give you higher returns of investment than a gasoline car.
    • Hybrid cars are constructed with lighter weight materials. The engine used in these vehicle is also smaller but efficient. The engine also does not require to work hard as its gasoline counterparts and uses less fuel.
    • Replacement car parts reviewsRegenerative braking system provides you to generate the electrical power and charge the battery every time you apply the brakes.
  • Cons of hybrids:
    • Power output is lower: Hybrid cars are built for economy but not speed. The gas engine is smaller than the other comparable vehicles. If more acceleration is required 9 that is more than the conventional engine’s capacity), the electrical engine will assist. Even though, the total power generated by them is less than their comparable counterparts in gasoline powered cars. Most hybrids have two driving modes, namely, power mode and energy saver. Power mode is for expressway driving.
    • Cost: The hybrid cars will save your money at the fuel pump. But the costs they make in the future are higher.
    • Mileage: The mileage with the hybrid cars is better at mid to lower forty. These can give you a good mileage on the city roads but not well efficient on the highways.

There are different opinions both positive and negative. The hybrid manufacturers are continuously trying to improve their performance. Automakers are giving long-term warranties on hybrid cars. This period can cover the most of the costly expenses and replacements of parts to the car.

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