Fuel Cell Cars: How they Work and the Advantages

By | March 26, 2014

Due to increasing cost of fissile fuel and the harmful consequences of their use, alternating fuel sources are sought. To overcome this challenge the fuel pump problemsautomakers are researching on new alternative fuels like compressed natural gas, solar energy and fuel cell. Fuel cell cars use a different technology to run.

In this article, we will discuss how fuel cell cars work and their advantages.

How a fuel cell works
A fuel cell system involves a electro-chemical process. In this, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. The fuel cell consists of a fuel cell stack. It is an important component in fuel cell system.

The fuel stack is used to convert the chemical energy into electrical energy. In this process, the fuel used are hydrogen and oxygen which can be compare to the conventional fuels like petrol and diesel.

The by product produced after the fuel entering into the fuel cell stack are electrical energy and water vapor.
The water vapor is sent out through the exhaust and the electricity is used to charge the battery.

How fuel cell vehicle work
The car/ vehicle which are using fuel cell technology is equipped with fuel cell stack in place of conventional engine. A high pressurized hydrogen tanks are used to store hydrogen fuel.

Generally the pressure of the hydrogen in the tank would be 80 bar.

When you start the engine, the hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell stack combine and produce the electricity and water vapor.

The electric current powers the engine and the vehicle moves.
The fuel cell vehicles are more efficient compare to conventional vehicles.
If you fill the hydrogen tank fully the vehicle can run up to 300 miles to 400 miles.
The hydrogen fuel can be easily refilled it takes just 4-5 min to fill hydrogen tank.
The exhaust produced after the chemical reaction is water vapor. Therefore no pollutant is released.
The fuel cell vehicle are more eco friendly compare to conventional vehicles.

Advantages of the fuel cell vehicle cars
The maintenance cost of fuel cell car is low.
The efficiency of the vehicle is more compare to conventional engines.
Fuel cell cars do not emit harmful gases.
The cost of the hydrogen gas is less compare to other conventional fuels like petrol, diesel.

Fuel cell car is a new and innovative technology to improve the fuel efficiency all the automakers are trying to launch fuel cell vehicles. In recent years some car companies launched their fuel cell vehicle. In near by future we can see this type of vehicles more often.

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