Digital Tomography

By | March 16, 2014

Introduction about X-ray and Digital Tomography
Dental x-ray imaging is a process that helps the dentist to have a clear look about the patient problem. Dentist can’t see the tiny cracks and gum problems with naked eyes. So by using x-ray he can easily get to know about the clear idea about problem. Based on that he plans his treatments. But here we are talking about digital tomagraphy. Digital tomography is nothing but process of producing 3 dimentional image.

In this process a machine helps to produce the three dimensional models. This will helps to the dentist to see the tooth in each and every angle. Even the cross section of a tooth that look inside of the structure. By this dentist can easily diagnose the problems like gum problems, tooth decay, infections, bone loss etc.

Didital tomography is also known as computer tomography. In this digital tomography technology it is a combination of classic x-ray technology with computer system which process the information. By using x-ray technology it is very easy to take hundreds of photos and by using the computer system it can be read and build virtual models according to these images.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Cone beam computed tomography is a latest tool in short form it is called as CBCT. The main advantage of this cbct is we can take a clear look about the preferable area in three dimensions. The cone beam coputed tomography is mainly used for implant dentistry. But not only in this implant dentistry but also in various specialities in dentistry. CBCT scans takes much less time to act. But medical ct scanners are quite large, so it is not possible in small clinics. CBCT scanners are often available in everywhere.
CBCT scan doesn’t hurt you. But you need to close your eyes while it is rotating around your head. CBCT machines available in different shapes. But most of the machines are in square shape along with a chair. The complete process takes less than a minute.

Advantages of using Tomography over X-ray
Although traditional x-ray have its place. But digital tomography is a new technology in dental imaging. By using digital tomography, it is possible to get sharper images and less distorted images. It is easy to your dentist to distinguish between nerves, soft tissue, tooth and bone.
In CBCT it is also possible to see the small tumors or any other diseases, which is not possible in classic x-ray process.

Conclusion: Digital tomography is a new technology but it is not available in everywhere. And to use digital tomography method the dentist should take some special training to ensure the correct interpretation of the images.

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