Types of Ad Targeting

By | February 7, 2014

Internet ads are different from print ads. Print ads are visually attractive, enrich the reading experience, and even sometimes smell nice. However, these are not as efficient as internet ads in targeting. A survey conducted on behalf of the Digital Advertising Alliance found some interesting about online ads. Only 16% of the respondents said that they prefer random ads, and 41% said they prefer the targeted ads that directed toward their interests. Eye tracking technology proved that more than 60% of websites visitors completely ignore the untargeted ads. When an online ad appeared on a site and it matches the user’s interests is called as targeting. There are many types of targeting methods; the following are some of the most famous targeting types:

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  • Contextual targeting: Contextual targeting is based on the content of the website. For example, you have opened a sports website; you can see the ads that are relating to the sports such as sportswear, shoes, tickets etc. Here website’s content and the ad are relevant. It helps to target the consumers those who are interested.
  • Behavioral targeting: In the behavioral targeting, ads are served based on the preferences or interests of the website users. The interests are declared or stated by the visitor at the time of registration with the website or based on the visitor’s browsing history, purchases made, searches executed, clicks, content viewed, pages visited, previous websites visited, browsing behavior etc.
  • Placement targeting: If the advertiser is already known about the websites where the potential consumers can visit frequently, the advertiser can place the target in those websites only. The targeting is may be for whole website or some pages, which has relevant content. If the entire website’s content is not matched, in the placement websites they can use contextual targeting. It can be on mobile sites, videos, text etc.Ad server
  • Re-marketing: Re-marketing targeting ads are like a digital postcard that an advertiser sends to their favorite customers. In detail, if a user visited a website for a product, that owner can display the ad to that user until they are searching within the ad server network, which is using by the website owner. The advertiser can target with exact match of the product that search in the advertiser’s website and searching in other websites. When the user clicked on the website, it will redirect back to the advertiser’s website.

There are so many other types of ad targeting through Internet. Some people are categorized them into two types. Those are inventory targeting and user targeting. Inventory targeting is, run the ad on specific websites based on website’s content and demographics most commonly used. User targeting contains geographic, time based, re-targeting, behavioral targeting etc.

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