Selling Your House without a Broker

By | February 6, 2014

The DIY (do it yourself) attitude gaining popularity. Even in the selling of house, many people are interested to do their own. It is not a difficult task but needs more effort than having a real estate broker. This attitude will save thousands of dollars to the sellers in the form of real estate broker commission. The commission for a broker is starts from one percent to ten or even more percent of the property sold and sometimes depends on the market. The following are the steps to sell your home without a real estate broker.

  • Do some research: Do some research on ins and outs of real estate transactions. Once you got familiar with it, read the contracts and paperwork of your house. Gather the forms and the paperwork which requires for the closing your property. Those are include legal documents, disclosures, insurance documents, and property record copies for title company, appraisers and others.
  • Prove the value of your house: After the necessary paperwork gathered for the closing, you need to prepare your house to present well and then fix a selling rate. There are generally cosmetic, functional and cannot fix issues. The cosmetic problems and the functional issues should be corrected before you sell the home. In addition, the things cannot fix can be addressed should be addressed with house pricing. Most of the sellers do the mistake in the pricing a home as fix a high price. To avoid this mistake, check the neighbor properties transactions since past year or use online services like AOL, Yahoo etc.
  • Market your home: Getting the potential buyers to your home is really a challenging task. Word of mouth is a best option but flayers will not be a good option. You can list your home in the websites, and in the local newspapers.
  • Negotiating: In the sale of a home, you should always be prepare for offer and counteroffer. If you already decided a firm bottom line, make sure it is weigh cost of continuing to market you house and justified with the strong research. If you are getting any difficulties, consult a real estate professional for advice.
  • Closing the deal: Properly arrange all the documentation as per your state legal provisions and the federal law. Some buyers can ask for inspections. Be prepare for the results of any property appraisal and inspection.

The National Association of Realtors estimates that 70 percent of the sellers are taking help and hire a real estate professional in the process of their property selling. The rest are selling by their own. If it is by the homeowner requires some additional skills like Internet savvy, motivation, knowledge and right attitude.

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